How To Find Hidden Spy Apps On Android

How To Find Hidden Spy Apps On Android And iOS- Easiest Way

Do you think some apps are spying on your phone but don’t know How To Find Hidden Spy Apps On Android or iOS? If yes, then don’t worry, and follow the steps mentioned in this post to identify whether there are such spy apps installed on your phone or not.

How To Find Hidden Spy Apps On Android

Follow the steps mentioned in this comprehensive guide to detect and identify such apps. Let’s get started.

1. Signs of Hidden Spy Apps

How To Find Hidden Spy Apps On Android And iOS

Unusual Battery Drain or Performance Issues

Spy apps often run in the background and consume a significant amount of battery. If you ever notice a sudden battery drop in performance, then surely you need to check it out ASAP.

Unusual Data Usage

Next, you have to check if there is some unusual data usage in the background on your Android or iOS phone. Spy apps often transfer data or information using network data. Keep an eye on your data usage to check for anomalies.

Phone Heating Up

Spy apps continuously run in the background which results in heating up your device. If your phone is unusually warm, it could be a sign of hidden surveillance.

Strange Background Noises During Calls

Some spy apps activate the microphone remotely. If you hear strange noises during calls or when the phone is idle, it’s a red flag.

2. Conducting a Thorough Device Check

How To Find Hidden Spy Apps On Android

Review Installed Apps

Check out the list of all the installed apps on your device and see if there are some unusual or unfamiliar apps that you’re not aware of. If you find such apps, uninstall them immediately.

Check App Permissions

Spy apps often require extensive permissions to operate discreetly. Review the permissions granted to each app and revoke unnecessary access.

Use Anti-Spyware Tools

Leverage some genuine and well-known anti-spyware tools. These apps will regularly scan your device for potential risks and threats, thus keeping your device safe.

3. Strengthening Your Device’s Security

How To Find Hidden Spy Apps On Android

Update and Secure Your Device Regularly

Most users often make the mistake of not updating their devices. You should always keep your Android/iOS operating system and apps up to date. Developers frequently release software and security updates to fix bugs and patch vulnerabilities.

Install a Reputable Security App

Install a reputable Antivirus or Security app to strengthen the security of your device.

Be Mindful of App Sources

Always download apps from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Never download apps from any third-party websites as you may download any unwanted trouble along with those apps.


With these steps, you will be aware of the signs of hidden spy apps. Protecting your information and safeguarding sensitive data is of utmost importance today. Hope you liked the information mentioned in this post. Thanks for your valuable time.