iOS 17.5.1 Battery Drain Issue- How To Fix

iOS 17.5.1 has been released and many of you have updated your iPhone to the latest 17.5.1. However, many users are experiencing iOS 17.5.1 battery drain issues after this update. But, don’t worry in this post we have mentioned some tips and tricks to get rid of this battery problem.

iOS 17.5.1 Battery Drain Issue

1. Remove Any Of The Beta Updates of 17.5.1

If you have installed any of the beta updates of 17.5.1 previously, then first of all you need to get out of those beta updates. This is how you can do it.

Go to Settings> General> Software Update. Here, you can see if you have enabled beta updates previously. All you have to do is turn off the beta updates from there. Now, you will no longer see any future beta updates installed on your phone.

2. Apps Updates

Now a lot of apps will be updated to the new version to work better with the new software update and a lot of the popular apps will always get updates after new iOS updates.

So what you need to do is that you check whether all of your apps are up to date. Head the to account section in the app store and update your apps to the latest version or you can also enable automatic updates.

3. Use WiFi

Whether it is 17.5.1 or any other version of iOS, make sure that you always use Wifi whenever you’re at your home or any other place with a WiFi facility available. Cellular data will always consume more data, so it’s always a smart move to use WiFi.

4. System

Now, another thing I suggest you is to head onto your privacy and security settings, and then here under the location service you will have a ton of things that are using your location special of course apps make sure you turn off a lot of apps here that you don’t need to have location for.

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5. Privacy

Under the privacy and security section, you will see another section called analytics and improvements. Now, here are things that are shared with Apple just to help Apple make their products better, things like sharing your iPhone analytics to improve health and data, improve safety, improve Siri, AR location, and all that stuff.

Just turn them off you don’t need these on your iPhone all the time working in the background and of course just consuming a ton of battery and CPU power at the same time so just make sure you have them turned off.

So, these are the tips and tricks that will help in saving your battery after the iOS 17.5.1 update. Thanks for reading. Hope you liked the post.

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