secret decoy apps for android

7 Best Secret Decoy Apps For Android & iOS ( Most Downloaded & Reviewed)

Are you concerned about your privacy and looking for some secret decoy apps for Android / iOS? If yes, then hold on, we have some of the best decoy apps that are most downloaded and reviewed on the Play Store & App Store.

Secret Decoy Apps are very helpful for users who want to hide their photos, videos, and documents without knowing anyone. These apps are free to use and are very popular.

We have mentioned the list of decoy apps for Android/iOS based on user ratings, reviews, and downloads to give you the best options to choose from. Check out each app’s features and use the one you like as per your needs and preferences.

List Of Decoy Apps For Android

KeepSafe Private Photo Vault


  • 50M+ downloads
  • Pin Protection, Fingerprint Authentication, and military-grade encryption
  • Easily hide photos, videos, and documents
  • Cloud Storage Access
  • Backup option for easy recovery
  • Available for both Android and iOS
  • Hidden from the recent apps list

Private Photo Vault


  • 10M+ Downloads
  • Pin Protection
  • Break-in report feature: This feature will record the current GPS location and will secretly take a photo whenever a wrong password is entered.
  • Decoy Password feature
  • Doesn’t show in recent apps
  • Available for both Android and iOS

Clock Vault


  • 10M+ Downloads
  • Hide photos and videos easily
  • Set the desired album cover for your hidden photos
  • Additional app lock feature to hide other apps on your phone
  • Customize app icon
  • Break-in alert feature
  • Decoy Vault
  • Private Browser
  • You can choose different themes for app lock



  • 10M+ Downloads
  • Easily hide pictures, documents, and videos
  • Pin Protection and biometric login
  • Free, Automatic online backup
  • Decoy Vault
  • Intruder Alert

Neo Vault


  • 100k+ Downloads
  • Hide photos, videos
  • Pin protection and fingerprint authentication
  • Military-grade AES 256 Encryption
  • Completely Ad free experience

Best Decoy Apps For iOS



  • Lock private photos and videos
  • Create private albums with encryption
  • Backup your data on cloud
  • Intruder alert
  • Secret login disguised keyboard as a camera



  • Looks like calculator
  • Hide and lock photos, videos, and documents easily
  • Pin, Pattern, Password, and Touch ID protection
  • Cloud backup with Dropbox support
  • Panic switch, disguise mode, and hack monitoring

What Do Decoy Apps Look Like?

Decoy Apps often look like regular music, camera, photos, files, or calculator apps to throw off the unknowing eye. Decoy Apps are great for those who want to hide their sensitive and private information.


I hope you liked these above-mentioned secret decoy apps. Each app has its unique feature that makes it different from other apps. Privacy in today’s fast-paced digital world is important and these apps are designed to keep your private stuff in your smartphone separately.